Top 5 Best Smart Technology Items for Dogs (2021 Review)

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In this guide we cover:

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  • How do you pick the best smart technology for dogs?
  • What makes good smart technology for dogs?
  • Best Dog Smart Home Gadgets!
  • And my top 5 picks from someone who actually uses smart technology for my pup!
  • And much more!

Top 5 Best Smart Technology Items For Dogs

Short on time? Take a look at my top picks on Dog Smart Technology:

  1. PetChatz
  2. Whistle Go Explorer-Dog Collar Tracker
  3. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic
  4. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher
  5. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

What Is Smart Technology For Dogs?

Smart Technology for Dogs is helpful technology for pet parents.  There are so may ways Dog Smart Technology can help us.  For example, automatic feeders, automatic doogie doors.  If you dog is anything like mine you will love this one; automatic Dog Ball Thrower.  We reviewed the Best Dog Smart Home Gadgets!

It’s no simple feat to locate the perfect piece of smart technology for your Dogs.  I started with the automatic ball thrower to see how my pup would do then my next piece the camera.  It's always nice to call a call from your dog during work!

How To Choose Smart Technology For Your Dog

There is a large number of options as far as smart technology for dogs.  When I first picked my smart technology for my dog I bought the automatic ball thrower.  This lasted for hours of fun for my dog.  Not to mentioned still does!  

I would suggest that if you are not home for longer period of time during the day to start with trying Best Dog Smart Home Gadgets like the PetChatz camera.  I absolutely LOVE mine!  I would consider this one of my best doggies purchases!

Smart Technology for Dogs Reviewed

Check in with your pet from anywhere, anytime. A special ringtone tells your pet you’re calling.

Say hello and share your smile. Dispense snacks and scents. Record and share fun videos with friends and family.

Schedule interactive brain games with our optional PawCall accessory to keep them entertained when you can't be there.

PetChatz is the only premium pet camera that provides two-way video with our full-color LCD screen so your pet can see you.

Disperse our calming aromatherapy during a chat to ease your furbaby's separation anxiety while you're away – and, when they're missing you more than usual, they can contact YOU with PawCall.

PetWatch notifications will be sent by PetChatz when it detects sound or motion near your unit.

Monitoring your pet's behavior and safety become easy as moments are captured in 30 second increments and made available for you to see in real time or when you have the time. Bottom line, you never have to miss a moment again even sleeping moments.


  • Interactive 2- way chats
  • Can be controlled from anywhere.
  • Dispenses Treats and Aromatherapy!


  • Little pricey but almost has a five star review.  Just ordered, so I'll keep you posted!

Whistle Go Explorer-Dog Collar Tracker

Know and adventure more with Whistle go explore. Always know where they are—and how they are.

Whistle go explore monitors your pet’s location and health for total peace of mind.

Just attach it to your pet’s collar, and customize the Whistle app to send alerts and insights to key people in your pack. 

Pinpoint your pet’s location with live tracking. 


Monitor behaviors that may point to potential health issues. Plus, know where your pet went and with whom. You can even set fitness goals based on age, weight, and breed, and review weekly reports that break down your pet’s latest stats. With a built-in light for visibility and a battery that lasts up to 20 days, Whistle go explore is the ultimate pet tracker.


  • Instant Notifications
  • Real Time Tracking
  • 24 Hour Timeline


  • Battery Life
  • Low Cost Subscription Service

Your smartphone is with you wherever you go and now, so is the ability to feed your best friend. The PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is a convenient solution that allows you to feed your pet instantly while you are at work, running errands or busy around the house.

The Wi Fi enabled feeder connects to your home's wireless router (2.4GHz) to work with your iPhone or Android smartphone letting you feed and monitor your pet’s meals anytime, anywhere. Simply download the Smart Feed app to customize your dog or cat’s feeding schedule.

The feeder holds up to 24 cups of dry food and allows you to plan up to 12 meals a day with portions ranging from 1/8 cup to 4 cups to fit your pet's feeding needs. 

With portion controlled meals, you can easily manage your pet’s weight if you have an overeater. If your fur baby tends to eat meals too quickly, simply tap the Slow Feed button within the app to slowly dispense meals over a 15 minute period to prevent digestive upset.

The pet proof design of the dispenser helps eliminate the possibility of prying paws opening the feeder to get more food between meals. When meals get messy, simply place the lid, hopper, stainless steel bowl and bowl holder in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Just in case your Wifi drops, install 4 D cell alkaline batteries with the optional battery backup feature, to ensure that your best friend never misses a meal.


  • Feed from your phone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Battery Backup


  • Can get jammed with dog food

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Let the Automatic Ball Launcher do the work!

Interrupt boredom and keep your dog active with the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher. Give your dog the freedom to play fetch on his own so playtime can be anytime.

The Automatic Ball Launcher keeps your dog entertained so you can live happy together.

The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher is the premium choice in automatic fetch games. As a PetSafe Brand product, safety and fun are top priority. 

Dogs can play with the Automatic Ball Launcher with or without their human thanks to multiple safety features and motion sensors. The Automatic Ball Launcher is easily transported by the carry handle on top, and can be taken nearly anywhere.

Use the included power cord for indoor fun or with six D batteries when on the go. The Automatic Ball Launcher comes with two standard sized PetSafe tennis balls, perfect for a game of fetch.

To really mix it up, adjust one of the six angle settings or one of the nine distance settings to launch the balls anywhere between 8-30 feet! Don’t worry about your pup over-working while playing. The Ball Launcher has a 15 minute interval rest feature to ensure your pet gets needed down time in between each play session. Your furry friend has never had this much fun! ter your text here...


  • Motion Sensor
  • Launches between 8-30 feet
  • Tone sounds before launch


  • 15 mins time safety feature
  • 90 seconds between throw

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

The PetSafe SmartDoor allows you to control your pet's access. As your pet enters the range of the SmartDoor, the SmartDoor detects the SmartKey and unlocks automatically.

After your pet passes through the SmartDoor, the door will lock automatically helping to keep the house pets in and outdoor animals out.

 Let your pet choose when it's bathroom time or time to play, so you and your pet can live happy together.

Let your furry friends come and go with the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor. Never worry about uninvited guests sneaking in because the flap only locks and unlocks when it senses the SmartKey on your pet’s ID collar.

Easily program your pet’s entry and exit with the automatic setting. You can also set the door to be fully locked or fully unlocked. The SmartDoor is great for multi-pet households because it works with up to 5 different SmartKeys that you can customize for each pet (one programmed SmartKey is included).

Installation is a simple do-it-yourself project. The door fits into standard-size paneled, wood, metal and PVC doors 1 ½ in - 2 in thick. Once installed you can program the electronic door in minutes. PetSafe brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together.


  • Four types of Locking Control
  • Easy Setup
  • Quality Guaranteed


  • Tends to go through batteries quickly.

My Final Thoughts On Smart Technology for Dogs

Smart Technology and Dog Smart Home Gadgets is a great option for pet owners and definitely worth giving a shot if you have already.  I personally would start with the dog 2 way video camera it's great dog smart technology.

When I bought this I though, like my dog is going to use it.  When I was at work two weeks after installing I got the notification.  Best call of the day for sure!

What's The Benefits of Using Smart Dog Technology?

There are many benefits of using smart dog technology, for example, do you have a pet that gets anxious or barks when you leave.  Do your dogs need activity to keep busy instead of tearing something apart.  Try the dog camera and automatic dog ball thrower.  These will be great distractions for these behaviours. 

Do Dogs Actually Use Smart Cameras?

Yes, Dog actually do use smart cameras.  Its great getting notified when I'm at work that my dog wants to call me.  I like to believe he wants to see me and not just get a treat but either way he uses it and we both love it.

Do Automatic Dog Feeders Work?

We purchased the automatic feeder since we are travel on weekend for longer hours due to kids sporting events.  So we decided to try the automatic feeder.  All I can say is what a great idea.  I always felt bad if we were running late.  Now the fur babies get to eat at the regular time.

Benefits of Automatic Ball Throwers For Dogs

We if you are anything like our household this can be an all day event.  Our dog leaves his ball for us everywhere we are to throw it.  We decided to purchase the auto ball thrower we reviewed above and he LOVES it.  I took about a day for him to get it but once he did it's not stop.  

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