About Us

Hey! I’m Eileen, Founder of This Website!

I built this website to help other dog owners with some of the same concerns I have had over the years.  

I have answered common questions you may have regarding your dog. As a result, you will find many articles on common dog questions.

If you have a question, you would like answer send it to us and we will try and help!

A Little Story About How I Got Started…

Over many years we have has several different dog breeds.  We have a passion for our dogs and trust me they are spoiled.  Not to mention, I test out new treats and toys on them.  They love that part!  Here is the results, some happy pictures of our pups!

Here’s How I Can Help You…

This website will help you determine which product is the best in the market.  We also state pro and cons of most products we discuss.  Most of our information is based on personal experience and knowledge of what works best.  As a result of this information, you will be making an informed decision.

Why just try out a product on your fur baby.  There are too many products out there that can cause damage.  We have done the research for you.  

Start Learning Now!